A Complete   Virtual Office Platform  to Help Non-Face-To-Face Collaboration


Realistic Contactless Collaboration! One Step Closer Communication with Colleagues!

Create your own virtual office IN 1 MINUTE,


Customize your office to your taste. Feel the characteristics of each space just like a real office.
Enjoy the various kinds of communication with colleagues.

Meeting room

Our communication

starts here at JoyCollab!

We want to help improve organizational productivity by activating positive energy among members through free communication and information sharing.

Close to team members

Build your own virtual office to suit your collaboration environment.
Share your status and information with other avatars.
Have a flexible monitoring tool for your company.

Easy Communication

Various communication tools such as video conference, seminar, voice call and a lounge talk.
Non-verbal communication methods such as avatar gestures, instant messages, chat, emoticons and emojis.
Show your emotions when comunicate.

Information Sharing

Share real-time status through PC web and mobile app.
Share your schedule with To-Do lists, a Calendar and a Kanban board.
Share your Information with a notice board, file storages, and a knowledge repository.

We need

a new solution
suitable for the new normal era.

Are you still using the old text-based business management tools?
Create and manage your own virtual office.


Cloud Service

  • Free


    • 1 office theme
    • Create office (for 10 users)
    • Registering users and editing roles
    • Chat and voice call
    • To-do/OKR, bulletin board, filebox
    • Avatar Gestures, Emoji, IM
    • Multilingual support (English, Korean)
    • 500 MB storage space per user
  • For small organizations Basic

    $ 4.50 User/month

    + Free plan

    • 5 office theme
    • office space (for 30 users)
    • Video conference (screen sharing, chat)
    • Independent chat, voice call
      and conversation
    • Zoom and Google Drive Integration
    • Widgets for weather, atmosphere, etc.
    • Video conferencing 1,500 min
    • 5GB storage space per user
  • For regulars Standard

    $ 8.50 User/month

    + Basic plan

    • 8 office theme
    • Additional workspace (per user)
    • Video seminar mode
    • Simple monitoring
    • Google Calendar
    • Mobile App (Android, iOS)
    • Video conferencing 3,500 min
    • 30GB storage space per user
  • For enterprises Premium

    $ 14.00 User/month

    + Standard plan

    • 10 office theme
    • Hard UI (text based)
    • Knowledge base,
      Extended Calendar
    • Filebox extension
      (external storage)
    • Enhanced monitoring
    • Unlimited video conferencing
    • 100GB storage space per user
  • * VAT is not included.
  • * JoyCollab starts from 10 users / month, and can be added in increments of 5 users.
  • * Free version provides up to 10 users, and can change to paid plan at anytime.
  • * If you want to choose the Enterprise cloud services, please contact us for custom pricing for your needs.

On-Premise Service

ownershp / management
System ownership / direct management
support updates
Support updates for free and paid plans
system integration
Support system integration

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